Thursday, October 25, 2012

All barriers down: Singapore here we come!

I love it when I get asked to teach in Singapore. It's a privilege. The students are great and I go for 2x1 weeks (a month apart) to teach the 12 weeks of content in intensive mode. The students are good for it, and so am I. It's intense, but it works.

And sometimes I get to add an extra dimension. When I was doing it 2002-2006 I racked up so many points that I took my two older kids to HK or Singapore a few times.

It's been a little leaner since then, but no entirely. So I flipped some cash to the travel agent and got a ticket for 8yo Jonah. There have been plenty of things to work through since then - passports, school, marking, other employers - but it seems all barriers are out of the way. Jonah and myself will get on the plane on Tuesday. Cool.

And it related, very important, news - my students in Singapore have collected really nice data for their Market Research projects. They have a good number of responses and their online questionnaire looked really good when I ticked them through a few weeks ago.

This will be a great trip.

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