Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Stop bitching about unfair dismissal laws and manage your people"?

I had the chance share a great meal and (quite a few) glasses of wine with a great old friend of mine the other day. This guy is mild mannered with a steel core, worked as a chef for 30 years and now sells consumables back into the hospitality industry.

I was alluding to the old saw "if your not a lefty under thirty you have no heart, if you're not conservative after 40 you have no brain" but I thankfully hadn't fired that shot.

But I had said "I don't know, I'm drifting. I hate - for instance - hearing stories of businesses who can't manage their staff because they're hamstrung by unfair dismissal laws"

My buddy barely batted an eyelid but floored me with insight.

"I just think anyone complaining about unfair dismissal are using it as an excuse for bad management. They haven't hired, trained, developed, motivated or (if necessary) managed out their people."

In thirty year of employing people I have never had trouble getting rid of a person who wasn't right. Sure it took a little longer, sometimes they turned around and were good and sometimes they left because they wanted to"

From your lips to God's ears.

Now perhaps this buddy of mine is talking from a skewed perspective. A single industry where people move around quite freely. But I can't help feeling this guy has it right. We didn't talk much more about my sympathy for conservatives after that. A few more sensible chats with Will might draw back the curtain a little more.

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