Friday, October 26, 2012

"Top Business School" a big call, but highlights branding challenges

I was browsing about a film I'd seen recently and got smacked by this:

As with flexographic printing, I think the essence of good web display advertising is simplicity. Simple design, simple message. The strong UniSA colour and glaring copy certainly got a clickthrough from me. Then I landed on this:


But I think the banner ad was a chance to have a dig at one of The University of Adelaide who have liked to just call theirs "Business School"

And I think that the AACSB (US Business School) accreditation makes a better argument for 'top' business school than UniSA's page.

But then, it's advertising. Not strictly auditable. Given the fact that the term "business school" is so easily co-opted, at least the other Uni in the state can occupy a defined, uncopyable position. Minor as it may be.

So, perhaps "Adelaide Business School" could be the brand, if you don't want it stolen. They appear to have opted for "The University of Adelaide Business School" in some ways, but that's almost a sentence, more than a brand. But then I don't know who already owns the "Adelaide Business School" trademark. There is - of course - an "Adelaide Law School" within that particular University.

A vexed question. But I know one thing - the ad at the top is cheeky. Almost as if it was meant to offend their competition. Surely not?

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