Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ethics: Before using that cabcharge...

As I try to make sense of the world, I ponder the nature of right and wrong. For years I have used the sunlight test as a guide to whether or not to do something - would I be prepared for the whole world to know of my act?

But there are others; What if everyone did it? What if it was done to me? Plenty more.

But I always consider another one:

"Is the value I receive from an act worth the value of trust I'd lose by taking it?"

So if an employer gives you cabcharge tickets in the idea that you use them on work related activities, is it really worth the $30 you might save by using it to come home from the footy? Why not pay your $8 for a ream of printer paper at home, your $3 for a sharpie?

Aside from simply right and wrong, it's a simple economic decision. Given that nothing is as valuable as being trusted by the people around you, the decision is always easy.

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