Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nothing's permanent: that's mostly a good thing

I once sat on a plane next to a guy who was infuriating in his dogma that impermanence was the only permanence. I still remember the discussion with displeasure, because I can assure you that there are some things that - I feel - can't just be meditated away.

But perhaps I'm just not at an adequate level of spiritual maturity.

Because when I find irritations - a next door neighbour's dog barking, a student in a class who hates me, a rival that makes my skin crawl - I can console myself that "this will pass". So mostly the impermanence is a good thing, and I have evidence for it.

Sometimes the impemanence is bad. Yesterday I got from a student "oh, you're Cullen? Man, we were supposed to be in your course and had changed stuff to make it so we got you, but then didn't." I have many regrets in life and moments like that are most among them. I can only teach the students when I'm asked to.

But impermanence has always been a part of it for me. I simply went from skydiving ten jumps on a weekend to nothing. My last words (face to face) to my skydiving buddies were "see you next week". My CDs are still at the drop zone. From 2006.

I haven't played golf since August 20, but had played at least twice a week all year, hitting a "five days in one week" record around July.

I thank god for my family, because they persevere. Everything else - impermanent.

And that's - mostly - a good thing.

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