Saturday, October 20, 2012

On God and doing God's work.

Some things are complicated, some are simple.

I think it's simple that there exists a force of life, a force for good that tends to sweep the world along and make things work. The sun comes up, warms the soil, causes the seeds to sprout, photosynthesis. We eat, live and interact. The force of life sweeps this all along and some people call this force God.

It's also simple that there were many great people who made the world better. They assisted this force of life. The prophet Mohammed believed he transcribed the word of this force of nature and set a rule book that can be used for great good. Four guys told their stories of a radical called Jesus two thousand years ago and there are teachings in the bible that can be used to sweep the work along a good path. Buddha got his stuff together and achieved a plane of self awareness and tranquility that assists this force of life. And then thousands of Mother Theresas, Ghandis, Mary MacKillops and unsung heroes.

It's complicated, the exact relationship between these "doers of God's work" and the force of life itself. Jesus the son of God, Mohammed His chosen voice. The people who live the religions believe that those things, too, are simple. I respect and envy their belief, their faith. But I think that is complicated.

But doing God's work can be simple. Assisting the force of life to sweep the world along a path of goodness and growth. Working with people's children - whether they're eight years old or 23 - whether it's Kanga cricket or a tutorial in marketing seems to be how I am best able to do God's work. It's not always easy, but it mostly works.

One good example, one moment of realisation at a time.

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