Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sorry Apple, your bundle of benefits failed to hold me

Apple, I I'm sorry that we had to do this. You converted me to the world of smartphones. I had a Blackberry in 2006 but couldn't make sense of its operating system and RIMs cumbersome data charging arrangements.

I was buying shitty second hand phones to just do voice and text through to about 2009, then a feud with Telstra caused me to pull the pin and take a Virgin contact. I love Virgin these days, for everything. And I loved your iPhone 3.

Your iPhone changed my life. Once you managed to get your iTunes to work through my employer's proxy server (whatever that means) you put the world at my fingertips. I had it all, then. Mail, web, calendar (although it was clumsy) music and video. I thought we'd never part. And your iPhone 4 was even better.

I promise, I didn't want to change. Sure, the fact that only half the videos on the web would play through you - a bit of a drag. Keeping the decrepit iTunes as you "do-stuff" gatekeeper reminds me of a second generation business guy whose dad still comes into work every day.

But you made me wait for so long for an iPhone 5. You gave me a false start with the 4s which my brother in law got, and loves. But I wanted to pass my iPhone 4 on and move to the next great thing. For 18 months! My buddy Ervin just one day turned up with a new (non Apple) phone. Just got sick of the small screen.

And then this! So you moved YouTube out and replaced Google maps with your buggy Apple maps (it's pretty "Purty" I hear, but drives you to dead ends). You are actually getting more bloody minded, not less. Your screen change (longer but not really bigger) seemed wacky and as far as new features (yawn) - panoramic photos - wtf?! Who cares?

But I was still hot for it. Like the people standing in line here

I was prepared to pay cash, and did. I ordered on the first day I could. And the web retailer took my money. I was told to wait three weeks - fine. Two days later I was told the three weeks would probably be seven or more, due to "unprecedented demand". Yet people who took it on contract were already pressing buttons on your newest product.

I thank goodness for the way Google knew they had to crack the operating system monopoly. iTunes and iOS might be a pig but for a while it was the only one.

I like the cheeky little green man.

I had enough time to order an HTC one X. I'm still learning. Flying outside of the Apple cage is scary, but worth it. Sure, my postpurchase dissonance is playing games with me. I'm complaining about everything that's not exactly the same as the iPhone but there is surprisingly little, and those things are little things.

The people who would endure this abuse as customers are sitting at the right hand side of the curve below:

Whilst I'm not an innovator I'm certainly not late majority. The grandparents waiting in line at the ad above possibly are.

Apple, you lost me with the iPhone 5. "Bungled" is the only real word. So when my ex honours student David urged me via twitter to free myself from the Apple mind control I reluctantly did. Still, my separation anxiety is alleviated with the three iPads we have.

We'll see how my tablet upgrade experience works.

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