Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feeding the hungry blog beast: Have the courage to lower the bar?

Ok Nick, I'll play.

Ex buddy from academic Nick Danenberg recently posted about how important it is to link to each other in our blogging. And converse.

He did it in response to another great post about how blogging can be hard work. Many of us feel it. We know that at our best our blogs can be polished pieces of genius (to us) and set that as the bar for future work.

@prakky suggests putting together a content schedule and that makes sense but I like what I see from Seth Godin and even Oli Young from Vinomofo.

Quick, and interesting enough. And promoted with some outreach comms such as Facebook and Twitter. Like Aussie karaoke, compared to Australian Idol. Do it because it's fun and you have a little something to say.

Lower the bar, turn the handle, and be prepared to talk to each other. (Note to self? Or have I already drifted too far that way?)

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  1. I like it!

    Occasionally we might polish our blogs too much or fret over lengthy content ... but short, sweet and snappy can be just what we need. I dig Oli's Tumblr.

    ps Likethe karaoke analogy.

  2. Yes they can't all be works of art but at least we're putting it out there. And if we're not geniuses like Seth we can just keep turning the handle, authentically.