Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing day sales - man style

How cool. I've always considered men to be a different type of shopper. More a "search and destroy" shopper.

I went in on Christmas eve to swap a $20 t-shirt at Tarocash. As the (really professional) salesperson (f) was doing the paperwork I thought I'd pick up a blue.

Sensing it was on, the girl mentioned "anything else? We've marked them all down and all sizes are there."

Two business shirts, pants, shoes. $250 for $460 stuff. 20 minutes.

And on the radio I just heard that in Melbourne where it was really crazy, guys were just changing next to the suit rack. Who needs a changeroom?

Search and destroy. What fun.

I love being sold to by a professional. My Tarocash experience was one of those.

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