Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas and a recipe for gravy

No point saying how good this is, it just is.

Paul Kelly's languid reading of a letter from prison at Christmas time rips me up inside every time I hear it. A story of one guy's sadness at being away from his family at Christmas time, and a celebration of what we all have if we go to one of these things.

Tears in my eyes even now.

"And Roger. I'm even gonna miss Roger, cause there's sure as hell no-one in here I wanna fight".

And live.

And the recipe that's in the song - perfect too.


  1. it won't taste the same...

    thanks Cullen, a poignant song this time of year.

    josie x

  2. I also thankyou for posting this Cullen. Touches the spot for me right now.