Saturday, December 29, 2012

"I don't know why anybody BUYS apple sauce"

I heard a female shopper pronouncing that in the lead up to Christmas. "It's just apples, boiled. How hard can it be?"

I was mildly irritated by it but didn't know quite why. I think it was simply the "I'm so clever" over a thing where most people don't care. That lady could harness her abilities for good. She could make 20l of apple sauce and give it to those of us who don't or can't make applesauce.

I think it's why I love this time of year. I took a kilo of plums to my mother in law last night, I make tomato chutneys and give them away. Eggs anyone - the chooks really are producing.

This time of year is great for that. Three wise men gave gifts to the guy - on the day of his birth - that (somehow) they knew would change the world. For me, providing a useful gift that cost me nothing more than a little toil and brains is a great thing in life.

So make your applesauce and give it away - to anybody. You'll feel so much better than proclaiming your superiority.

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