Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Relaxer: You're so vain

As an eight year old growing up in Parafield Gardens and Salisbury East, this was one of the adult songs that I didn't really get, but it got so much play. So it became part of the fabric of my life. And this beautiful lady doesn't even sound angry, just clear in her assessment of something that went wrong for her. Note to self.

The song is harsh, talking about Warren Beatty I think, but not vengeful. And its matter-of-fact insight brought the admiration of millions, me among them.

The thing that drew me back to it in the 80s was that I'd heard the studio version has Mick Jagger doing backing vocals - the harmonies in the chorus. I think it's one of his best performances of his brilliant career. The fact that you can't hear Mick in this version is its only downside.

But this has to be the best live rendition of a song I think I've ever seen. The sound people did brilliantly and even though the 1980s lead breaks were frenzied, the band stayed true to the languid style of the song. Perfectly true.

Carly Simon bent a few notes for spontaneity, but otherwise it's near impossible to tell this from the studio version. I'm so glad Seth Godin put a minor link to this song in his blog just then.

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