Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The #anzmac12 hashtag is looking reverse J

I'm at the Australia New Zealand Marketing academy conference. Dick Mizerski just mentioned that Facebook places checkins would probably take an NBD pattern - many light users and a few hardcore. When I mentioned that it probably applied to the #anzmac12 hashtag I think the point might have been lost on some, but the raw data is starting to bear it out.
 It will be really cool to get the fully tabulated username / posts data and see if the Negative Binomial Distribution (reverse J-curve) fits the data. It certainly looks as theough it will.


  1. Any chance you could spare the Archivist data set for comparison against the Hootsuite data set? Be good to confirm that we're both capturing similar content from our sweeps.

  2. Any time. Free data, one of my favorite types.