Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free speech: When a right winger and a lefty agree

I have been concerned about this recent development of using confected outrage as a political weapon. I'm as partial as anyone to a good bout of getting offended but using it as a tool to shut down debate? A little Orwellian.

I've always believed in "Let the idiots speak. They make our point way better than we can".

I'm not talking about racism, sexism, homophobia or a whole bunch of other vile stuff. I'm so proud of how far Australia has come and I know that there are places we must improve. I'm talking about the loss of an objective test and reversing the burden of proof.

But take a moment to watch this (rare) four minutes of ideological foes explaining the issue, calmly and intelligently. It's enlightening.

Thanks Catallaxy Files.

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