Monday, January 28, 2013

I've always greatly respected Nova Peris

She won gold playing hockey. Changed sport and then won gold in track.

Amazing. And she may be great in politics. She's certainly seen as key to Labor's plans.

But the arguments coming out of the NT are that there is already plenty of political talent there. Warren Mundine was up for it last year but it didn't come off. If it is important to get an indigenous woman into parliament then Bess Price is worth a thought too.

Bess Price certainly has credentials but is the wrong political breed:

Price has strongly criticised the high levels of violence in Central Australian indigenous communities and supported the Northern Territory Intervention.[7] In December 2009 she delivered the Bennelong Society's inaugural Peter Howson lecture, also on the topic of indigenous violence, and received the Bennelong Medal[8] She spoke at the Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney, on Mar 23 2011[9] and appeared on Q&A on 11 Apr 2011.

Whatever. Labor is eating itself over this. Can we just acknowledge that Tony Abbot has had nothing to do with it?

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