Thursday, January 31, 2013

My welcome email to our Market Research students

I still do some teaching for a university here in South Australia. I have 154 students who start Market Research with me in March. As content is a hungry beast, and because there's some interesting (enough) stuff in there I'll reproduce my welcome email here:

After a year out of the course I've been asked to take Market Research III this year, which I'm delighted about.

You may not know me, because I wasn't doing Intro to Marketing II or CBII last year, but some of you who are part time may have had me. I've been here for about four years.

Market Research is my passion and I'll give you the tip now. Here's the riddle:

Q: What is the most important thing about doing any piece of research
A: Clearly defining a research problem and expressing it as a number of research questions

I'm just sitting through a Webinar from the Market Research Society about "Big Data" and the point keeps coming back to me. These days data is cheap but intelligence is hard to find. Lets be honest, jobs in marketing are hard to get but if you position yourself as an intelligent problem solver you'll be streets ahead of your competition.

So as your continuous assessment I'll ask you to write a research proposal for a company / product of your choice, run some indepth interviews and build an online survey. And that will all want to be tied down to a research problem - a theme that should run through your research. To finish I'll get you to analyse some data that we've pulled in from an online survey.

You'll wind up with some very practical skills. You'll be familiar with Qualtrics (for both survey design and data analysis), SPSS for some fancy data stuff, and you'll get some advanced skills on Excel. But importantly we'll get you to talk and think like an intelligent problem solver.


Oh, and I got a response from one, which was nice.

Hello Cullen,
So excited to hear that you'll be taking Market Research! I was in your 2011 consumer behaviour course and I think you're a fantastic teacher and you made the classes very interesting and fun.
See you in a month!

For students, don't ever think these comments are wasted. For the lecturers you like, it's one of the things that keeps them at it.

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