Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Poor gullible client - mendacious social media "consultant"

Bad consultants are like a cancer on business. I see a case where a good honest business is being poorly served by somebody who is either misguided or a charlatan.

The real victim is what appears to be a good honest local business who seems to like the idea of social media.

Over a year ago I wrote a quirky post about how I eventually solved an outstanding maintenance problem.

The post tells about how I had left a copper riser unsecured for ten years, knowing that a minor mishap could mean an expensive call to a plumber and that I had just fixed it. Yesterday I got this crap from some random poster:

Rodulf Dela CruzJanuary 22, 2013 at 8:59 PM
I suggest you must find a reliable source to get a good service about your worries. You may visit plumbing Adelaide.

This sort of "half clever" work has exactly the opposite effect as to what the client would hope for. Rodulf Dela Cruz has broken almost every principle of social media marketing and made "Freeflow Plumbing" look like half witted spammers. Worse, the guy is probably charging them for this.

There are plenty of helpful consultants in the social media space, and there are ones who can do you some damage.

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