Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Road trip: Mount Cole Wineworks

How cool. Edan wanted to stop for the art gallery there. I then tasted a Reisling that means I can stop saying "I don't drink Reisling" and left with a bottle of it and a carton of their cleanskin chardonnay.

From the town of Warruk in Victoria.

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  1. Hi Cullen.
    Happy New Year. Trust this reaches you and family well. Really like your blogs.
    Putting your marketing cap on for a moment, I'm interested to know the decision process that made you choose the clean-skins over the branded product?
    I've just posted the first of two blogs about purchasing behaviour of wine and got a huge positive response. Blog two will be more of a constructive look at some issues (as I see them) in the local wine industry.
    This blog is a result of your positive suggestions to our class in Marketing Management (MBA). So thanks for that - it's been loads of fun learning the craft of blogging. Still got a lot to learn, but in many ways I think most people prefer a blog that is a bit rough n ready, but honest, truthful, helpful and believable. If a blog gets to polished I think people start to drift off.
    Jeremy Lomman