Sunday, January 13, 2013

Skydiving in "a land of maybe"

Embracing uncertainty. It has always been the way I've managed to deal with it best. Unfortunately I've recently mixed in circles that have made it seem that pursuing certainty is the only way. It seems to be a passport to poor mental health, as well as driving everyone around you to distraction.

Hanging at a drop zone and trying to get a skydive helps cure a person of the need to be in complete control. So many variables - plane, instructor, gear and pilot availability, weather conditions. They all make it really uncertain as to when and if you'll get a jump.

The best way to deal with dz uncertainty is to make sure you have plenty of money and plenty of food, and plan to "hang out". You may get a jump, you may get a few. One thing that won't work is getting all pissy and insistent. It's not cool to be uncool.

So for me, skydiving had always forced me to live in a land of "maybe". A friend asked me three days ago "so you'll jump tomorrow?" and my answer - "maybe".

But I did jump the next day. Returned to hang out at the dz the day after too. I unexpectedly met some great friends I hadn't seen for ten years, and did five skydives with new and old buddies. More "maybe". And remembered that for me, skydiving is family

So will I go back soon? I expect so. Will I jump? Probably, maybe.

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