Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tim Mathieson: Hoist of Labor's pitard

He made a slightly off joke. I can also see how Asian people, female doctors, a few other people would be offended. Poorly thought out. The biggest own goal was the irrelevant mention of "Asian". Disrespectful and probably belonging to a different era.

Should Tim now be forced to defend the matter in court, against a presumption of guilt? I doubt it, but it is the sort of thing proposed by the new Labor laws.

I'm impressed at how well, often, Australia reins in some poor behaviour of its people. It's sensible. Legislating over the top of it, to do what mostly gets done anyway? It takes away the fact that we regulate this because we want to, and lessens us as a people.

Let's put our energy into not staying silent when sexist or racist or homophobe 'jokes' slip out at a barbecue, instead of litigating. I first saw my wife do that 25 years ago: "I didn't find that funny. No big deal, it just wasn't funny" or "I'm surprised you'd use that word".
May we have more of that.

UPDATE: Nicolas Roxon indicates that the bill was poorly drafted and it will be softened

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