Saturday, February 2, 2013

My friend Robert East

In my time I've done some stuff that's a little interesting to marketers, especially some branches of consumer behaviour. In particular I put forward a functional form for the double jeopardy line (many thanks to Dr Cam Rungie and Prof Larry Lockshin) and tested it against three competing models, as well as tangibilising growth patterns in the context of the world famous Dirichlet model.

Anyhoo, lovely to get an email from my friend Robert East:

Dear colleague
Your work is featured in a research-based textbook designed for the post-graduate market and for those taking CB electives in first degrees. Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing (2nd Ed) is authored by myself, Malcolm Wright and Marc Vanhuele.

It won't tick any boxes with any university employer, but...

It's always nice to see Robert and Malcolm. And I've never met Marc. But life just rolls along and these things just accumulate. It's nice to know good people in lots of places around the world.

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