Friday, February 8, 2013

Web retail: don't return errors

I tweeted that @cullenofadelaid should get a life but there is more to this. Pizza Hut sent us a set of vouchers the other day. I thought I'd register as an online customer. Whatever. As well as being cumbersome to build the account - lots of finicky computer style field requirements - it wouldn't start up this morning.

Now, for sure, I can see what has happened. It's 5.30amon a Friday. The shops aren't open so my logging in to order has made the sales package see "no store open" and halted the transaction.

To the IT People, it makes sense. But the marketers should be concerned. In this case it is a user who is interested to see how a new system will work for him, and testing it in some downtime. He will be driving back from Langhorne Creek at 6pm tonight and wants his system to run cleanly. And the Pizza Hut online system looks buggy.

Never presume what the customer might be doing and don't let your IT people fashion your marketing messages, even by accident.

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