Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who'd be an apex predator?

It's telling that the largest animals in the world have a fairly mundane diet. Whales eat plankton, elephants and rhinoceros eat predominantly vegetation. It doesn't mean they're docile.

While for the rock stars of the animal kingdom:

When conditions get harsh in a region, apex predators are usually the first to die off, because they are more likely to starve by being unable to find prey than prey is likely to starve from being unable to find its own food, like smaller prey or plants.

And a clever blogger from four years ago:

..This is like saying if the sharks are starving, that means the fish aint doing well. If the sharks are eating each other, then you know things are bad.

So, I thought, lets look at our economic ecosystem and sure enough, the apex predators are starting to hurt. Abovethelaw.com is keeping a tally of all the big lawfirm lawoffs that are occurring right now. It also mentions how some firms are not giving raises to their first year associates (who make $180,000/year). (Pediatricians with 7 more years of education get about 80K!)

So in the metaphor of life, perhaps being the rock star is not the answer. The nastiest behaviour I've ever seen is not from the lower downs, but the higher ups. And they're not pursuing greatness. There's a desperation, a fear, that if I don't kill and eat this piece of prey I might starve.

Just sayin

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