Saturday, March 9, 2013

At Coles "How do you want that packed" is no accident

I had a great chat with the checkout person today. I hope she didn't mind. She asked me "how do you want that packed" and I was befuddled.

For sure I get cranky when "my version" of good packing is violated but this was forcing me to explicitly state it. To set the terms of a "packing contract" with the girl.

So when I asked if it was a "you" question or a Coles question she told me that she normally did something like that but that Coles had recently formalised it. That thete were "a lot of mystery shoppers out at the moment".

It's no surprise. In the world of service delivery, people with good sense are gold. But you can't expect all employees to have good service sense. And for that reason there are service standards. Managing the extra three Ps of people, processes and physical evidence. I remember in 1991 with Betts and Betts the service standards were inviolable.  A sackable offence.

So the uncomfortable question is not an accident. It's clever marketing.

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