Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jesus and Skydiving

I've always had something hanging off my neckand it tends to say something about me at the time. Ive worn a crucifix on a Bico chain for a while now. Jesus is cool, and Bico reminds me of Cairns, where I'd live if I could.

Mia got a Bico chain and charm on her last trip, and has worn it consistently. In a new, great, school that has a religious ethic children aren't allowed to wear ornaments that don't have religious significance. Fair enough, it's a uniform rule.

So Mia gets my crucifix and I get her Bico teardrop. And then I can put a skydive closing pin on it as well, the thing that holds your parachute in the bag until you want it out. The perfect blend of the things I believe, some people I love and the things I like to do.

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