Saturday, March 23, 2013

The customer: not always right but they do get to vote with their feet

I'm irritated when a person "rolls the tape" without showing any real depth of thinking. "The customer is always right" is surely one of those lines. FFS there are dozens of instance where that is wrong. "I want to skydive without a parachute" - wrong. "I wish to buy that BMW motor car for $40" - wrong.

But the genius of that line is its subtle insight that the customer ultimately has control over whether or not they stay with you. They can vote with their feet.

I took a cheap mobile account six months ago. $19.90 per month with a GB of data. I knew the terms. Data excess charge at the huge 50c per megabyte but I'd never be silly enough for that. Got caught in the first month. Bugger. But it's a fair deal.

Lost my SIM card a month ago. The replacement got lost in the mail. Apparently (for the first time ever) Australia Post could not deliver to the address I gave. Not the carrier's fault, but a piss off.

And I ran over data again this month. I know I'll get a stinking excess bill, and I'm frozen for another week.

And my carrier hasn't done anything wrong. I made the mistake to choose a cheap account, I ran over data, the carrier didn't lose my SIM card - I did, and Australia Post. But screw it.

I still get the choice to move. And I will.

But I don't think the carrier has lost out, really. $100 two months ago and $150 this month. SIM replacement fee. They won an extra ten months of normal trade from the deal. Fine. I've learnt my lesson.

But now I'll change carriers.

The customer isn't always right but they do get to vote with their feet.

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