Monday, March 18, 2013

Traps for young players: Emailing up the chain too early

I love working with younger people. I am amazed how good many young people are. Somebody 20 years younger than me who can outstrip me on speed of work, clarity of thought, energy etc. Sometimes it happens and it always impresses me.

But my years in the trenches have taught me a few things. Traps that actually work against what you're trying to achieve.

One such trap is the emailing of everyone up the chain of command when you have a problem. Guilty as charged, at times.

The last time I made the mistake was when I thought I was working in a collaborative, solutions oriented environment. Effectively I had set off a series of minor explosions, a chain reaction of blame and counter blame. I can't believe I still get caught.

And I was recently on the downside of one. I spent the first few hours putting out the spotfires up the political chain before I could concentrate on solving the problem. The nice young person doesn't know how much extra angst they created.

Live and learn, I suppose.

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