Thursday, April 11, 2013

Combating SIWOTI is a war within oneself

Someone I know just posted a conspiracy theory that cites an "experiment" that is a raw insult to the reader. A girl took some water - microwaved some, stove boiled some. Couldn't grow plants in the microwave water while the "natural" water worked fine. What followed was a pile of conjecture about energy and DNA transformation, as though the little plant test actually showed something.

Acronym for "someone is wrong on the internet." Describes the compulsion to post rebuttals to online nonsense, in the vain hope that it will somehow set the record straight.
Now I know "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than dreamt of in your philosophy" so I was wondering if anyone else had done the same experiment. I found that the experiment has been repeated many times although the results have not been reproduced in any way that even approaches credibility.

These are conversations I don't wish to enter into lest I enter a SIWOTI time spiral. And in the process I may be accused of narrowmindedness because I see it that one dodgy experiment gives us nothing to talk about. I feel cowardly and selfish coming and saying it here in my blog but this post is not really about that one little incident, just my own challenge to let these things go. I'm sure many people exercise SIWOTI forbearance when it come to me too, and I appreciate that.
There's so much truly alarming stuff out there that we don't need to be concerned with bunk. And I've already spent too long on this particular SIWOTI crusade.
I did like what this kid did as his own experiment, but it'll cost you seven minutes. And he drew fire too. Someone else's SIWOTI.

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  1. Great post Cullen... Love the notion of SIWOTI! Although I'll always investigate these claims, and post the results, trying to convince the other is an absolute waste of time and energy. I reckon that often "cognitive dissonance" kicks in.
    SWITO... brilliant!!!

    1. I've actually given up on SWITO... ha ha ha!!! Always was a "slow learner"