Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Craig Thomson: Lawyers rarely improve things

Craig Thomson has a fund to help him with his legal bills.

With all respect to the mental acuity required for the job, I've found that involving lawyers rarely makes things better. This probably serves as a "so what" moment for many people who are legally trained.

I met my friend Chris Ziersch the other day who retrained from engineering to law and was vigorously in agreement with me. (buddy contact me if I've misrepresented you)

So I hear the story of Craig Thomson who is defending claims about improper use of funds. Win or lose, he's fucked. You can read about how to donate to him here.

Right or wrong it makes sense to avoid legal action like the plaque. Sure there are those with more money than sense who will use law as a preemptive strike, and I've done my share of running from that. A new breed known as "drone parents" are described as taking legal action before even approaching their kid's teacher about Ann issue the teacher barely noticed.

But as Chris says, using the lawyers should be the last resort. When everything has broken down then call the legal people in, and expect to pay. It's a necessary thing, and a challenging profession.

So the real story of this is about the high cost of justice. It's the only way I feel any empathy for Craig Thomson and - I can't believe this - would spend money to support him.

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