Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lecturer memories of "Down to Earth" laundry liquid

A buddy of mine Paul Newbery who  - does some instruction too - was lamenting how his "Rambo" analogies were lost on his students. Age is a pig that way.

I remember a nice lecurer of mine - Anthony Lowe - who used a lot of cigarette marketing examples. Bup boww. Age is a pig.

And then there's me. Speaking of a brand that had a point of difference of being the environmental choice.

Phew! Its not fully dead yet. Cool.

Clear liquid, clear bottle, a daisy showing through the product. This is a brand that owns this position. But perhaps the position is not that much the win you would think. It's a persistent player on the shelf - it's survived since the 80s - but the shelves say that there's plenty more profitable places to be.

But for "Nature's Organics" it's probably a great earner.

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