Sunday, April 14, 2013

National Broadband Network: A poetic example

I like to sit down and watch Insiders on the iPad or Phone at 8.30 on a Sunday. I was having no end of trouble getting it to run today. Like, it wasn't.

Just as the montage began, it jammed on a visual of the "fibre to the node" option of liberal. Poetic.
I know a little about this stuff. I was dreaming if fibre into houses in 1991 - no shit - as as electronics tradesman with an eye for the future.

I still dream of fibre in my house. That would make me like the Labor plan, right? Perhaps not.This bunch hasn't been able to deliver on anything they've promised. The NBN is now over budget, over time and where people have the chance to choose it, undersubscribed.

I think they've tried to eat the elephant in one bite.

If the libs get fibre to the end of the street we're at least not having to deal with 2.5km of crappy copper, but 200m. It really is as simple as metrage.

The libs plan is saying "if you're desperate for fibre into the house then you cover that bit". Yeh sure the "off the shelf" 26 megabit is not the "palace in the clouds" that ALP are promising but the "palace in the clouds" hasn't been paid for yet, either. And when we're squealing over a cut of $2.8bn made to Universities, the $46bn open ended (blank cheque) commitment makes me nervous.

As it is, the ALP plan is an "over the top, let's take this hill" approach where the libs is "establish a secure beachhead and move out from there". Yes, the libs are talking "tin cans and string" for that last 200m but labor is planning for you to just keep waiting, and paying. Paying with cuts to universities an pensions. Paying with creative new taxes on superannuation and raw materials. Paying with overseas borrowings that leave us with a forward interest expense.

As with so much here, I think labor has dug themselves into a hole that they need to fill with money to help themselves climb out of. Not even a plan, just argue that its not as bad as it seems and keep throwing money in.

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