Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Gully sold out in Coles

How cool is this? A local business is in big trouble and I went to buy some of their stuff. And they were sold out. More or less. It's inspiring. This could work to send a message to the retailers that this company still has appeal in SA. The effort will allow Spring Gully to retain the shelf space they have.

And of course the trick is to empty the shelves next time, and the next and the next. If we're serious.

UPDATE: I've had some comments around the place, that the retailers are being assholes, reducing the shelf space allocated to small brands which then reduces demand and sets a downward spiral for these small brand. And that they're double assholes for replacing manufacturer brands with their own supermarket brands. Sure. Perhaps they are - point taken. But Vili's, San Remo, Olga's, Fruchocs are still managing to play the game and yes - it's an unfair game. My Friend George, of Olga's fame, will attest to that. Hopefully Spring Gully can continue to play in this unfair game.

I'll aim to help them rather than tilt at windmills. Or perhaps all the Spring Gully buyers can shop at Foodland which will mean Coles and Woolies will de-list them. That'll help.

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