Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tiger Woods, looking into the eye of right and wrong

There is no faking it in both golf and skydiving. FFS Tiger hit the flag on this incredible approach shot. He might have eagled the hole if it jump, spun back and rolled in. But it pinged off into the water.

So he took a drop, with his loose interpretation of the rule causing him a penalty. Two strokes which if last year would have seen him kicked out. A flash of annoyance and sense of unfairness has possibly cast a cloud over his legacy.

I've found that in these matters it pays to expect others will attribute the worst possible motivations to you. It means that if you manage to achieve something, even the worst naysayers don't have any oxygen. Sure, a bunch of opportunities go begging, but you do have the grounds to say "go away".

So Tiger should probably come back next year.

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