Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unbundling: The undoing of some

I chatted again tonight, to a guy whose opinion I value. He pointed out that one of the major changes - threats if you like - to some business models is that of "unbundling"

Take music for instance. If you liked a given Beatles song and bought the Sergeant Peppers album then yay! But that was rare.

More often you'd like "Wake me up before you go go" and felt disappointed when the rest of the "Wham" album was crap.

So to where I work a bit, in University education. Students seem to like the Market Research course and think they get a lot out of it for future application. But its a part of the whole degree.

Now I know the value of getting the whole "bachelor of commerce" stamp but perhaps there's a place for the whole unbundled "Market Research" three day course. For practising managers.


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