Saturday, August 24, 2013

GoPro and Red Bull understand content marketing

My personal and my professional life converge again.

Is this the future of media? Once upon a time businesses would harvest audiences. They would play a show on tv that people liked. People would watch it, and sometimes a company (like Coca Cola) might pay to interrupt the viewing of the show the people liked with a message of their own. Sometimes these messages were entertaining, sometimes not, and hopefully for Coke there would at sometime be a positive effect for them (sales, brand awareness, preference).

The good businesses would harvest many audiences, know a lot about them and sell the eyeballs of those audiences in 30 second bits. They made good money from this.

And then somebody thought "why don't I just get the audience myself?" I can make a video. And content marketing was born.

GoPro make micro camcorders. Red Bull makes energy drinks and sponsor cool guys like Jeb Corliss. Together they both made a high quality 11 minute documentary that gripped me the whole way.

I defy you to only watch the first minute.

The only way to fail is to give up. At that point you are making the choice to fail. If you haven't given up you are simply in the process of making it happen.


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