Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johnny O'Keefe

In the mid 70s I was lucky enough to feel the aftershocks of the JOK phenomenon. He'd played Sunbury in 1973 and mum and dad bought his greatest hits album. As a kid he seemed like an old guy who sung some good songs. Even then I was amazed by Mockingbird, a beautiful song where two vocalists showed complete mastery and teamwork.

And a great memory of my 1990s was when a brother and sister pair of friends (Greg and Trish Helbers) did it in a lounge room. Perfect to my memory. Ah, the days where I was a bar manager at the Norwood Footy Club.
So what was so good about him? Watch this live rendition of "Shout!". The telling thing is not him, but the sound of the audience. Loud.

For a taste of the irascible JOK spirit (with extra added brains), one just has to see his nephew on "Let's make a deal" any weeknight.

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  1. Ahhh... the memories and the "Delltones" are unforgettable too.
    Just think Cullen that one of those screaming girls, in the second vid, could have been your mum. I was about 15/16 and saw this exact same concert here in Adelaide's Centennial Hall - my very first live "pop" concert.
    I know this is not the show I attended only because he's not wearing a black suit with red satin lining. When he got "hot" :-) and ripped his coat off, displaying the red satin, we all went super screamingly crazy... ha ha ha.
    Thanks for the reminding :-)