Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why would you listen to your skydive instructor?

I've sat on this one for a while now. I had a twitter follower once - still do I suppose - that went by the name of @notalexholmes. I followed him for a while, but he wasn't saying things that interested me and as I read his bio I didn't see that we had much in common. Don't like, not interesting - that's enough reason to not follow.

But Alex seems to still pay attention to what I say. It's a free world, my twitter and blogs are public. He's also free to comment - which he did.

I had been talking about running a business and making your assets work for as many days in a week and hours in a day as possible. I spoke about the quirks of depreciation and maintenance expense with the reflection that one of the few (non real estate) assets that doesn't depreciate is light aircraft, however the maintenance expense is huge.

I didn't particularly mention my skydive instructor but somewhere out of the blue came a @notalexholmes tweet asking "why would you take advice from your skydiving instructor?" Not directed at me but - I suspect - about me. A little creepy, really. On re-reading, I suspect it was because I wasn't being sufficiently deferential to one of Alex's preferred government projects.

This gives me a departure point. I will deal - here one day - with the sneering self satisfaction of the educated classes. How dare a skydiver make comments about finance!? The wisdom of the worker is a point best made when the dirty, crass, gravedigger ran circles around our (apparently) legally trained Hamlet. But that's for later.

But this is a chance to depart in another way. I've chosen to put all my skydiving content off to another blog that I've called "more than a life wish" which will allow me to keep the focus of this one where it started.

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