Monday, September 2, 2013

Dollar Shave Club: We'll see how their service recovery goes..

Sent today:

I joined in June. I didn't get a July delivery, but one miss could be anything - even something at this end. I then got an August delivery, cool, but have had no September delivery yet.

I'm nervous that your service may be unreliable - I receive parcels from all around Australia worth over $1000 with not a single fail and with Dollar Shave Club we may have two fails in four months.

I'll wait and we'll see.


  1. Hi Cullen.
    At Marketing Week the other day in Adelaide, this company was used as a case study and it was mentioned they are struggling to supply. I think the problem is obtaining enough razors from a manufacturer at the price they need them to be.

    1. Jeremy thanks for that little point. I did get a reply from a customer service officer yesterday saying "call me if nothing by Friday" mmhm.

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  3. I got my cross-town medium-sized package delivered in under two hours for under $20. It sure beats me cabbing it back and forth!
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