Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hinkley: A coach I like the look of

Anyone who knows me knows that I follow coaches more than teams. Especially in the AFL.

Years ago I was inspired by Mick Malthouse. Earlier, Malcolm Blight impressed me even before he won those two premierships with the crows.

Locally,  quietly spoken uber success Roy Laird is great out at Centrals and Nathan Bassett is great at Norwood, although I'm guilty of bias there.

It takes a special person to manage club politics at the back end and meet every member of a testosterone fueled playing group - at their own level. Wherever I see it - football,  netball,  stories of combat - I get all teary and emotional.

So, last week's victory by the power served me twice. Knocking Collingwood out - I will never forgive what they did to Malthouse - and introducing me to Ken Hinkley.

Humble, professional,  successful. And an ex Cat. What's not to like? Oh I suppose there's the Port Adelaide thing. But then, I follow coaches, not teams.

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