Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm a workin' man in my prime, cleaning windows.

A lovely song about a guy who has a passion, and lives for it. "cleaning windows" is a metaphor for doing what you love to do as a priority, and being content with a simple life in other ways.

It's interesting that my first "A" journal paper went into hardcopy this month. I'm happy to leave all that anxiety behind - "where's my next publication coming from?". I'm still having fun doing the things an academic does - teaching, research, supervising students - but as I don't care much for an academic career I can just enjoy those things for what they are. A fun way to earn a living, for now. I'll leave others to the slippery pole.

Meanwhile my latest passion - skydiving and skydive instructing - can just run away with me.

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