Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor are now where they are happiest

I had an uncle who supported Labor but thought they were better suited as a party of dissent. The challengers.

So I saw two days before the election, a socially progressive person write this piece:

But when I think of an Abbott victory, I think the following:


That's interesting. Certainly enough for me to click through to it from Facebook.

[if you're a normal person under Abbott rule] you’re going be getting angrier and angrier.

And that’s what’s good. That’s what we need.

Labor lose a little part of their soul whenever they follow the "whatever it takes" rule. I liked Paul Keating but he was hardly a lefty. And Labor did trade some of its values as they did whatever it took. All argued as being for the greater good.

And that is why I look at the forthcoming Abbott government as an emetic: it will make us feel incredibly sick, absolutely, but that’s how we vomit the poison out.

Your comrade,

Andrew P Street

So perhaps now the Labor party may have some spiritual peace. Labor have done some great things in the 30 years I've been paying attention to politics. It's fair to say they need to rebuild as a team - and really have needed to rebuild since they got hamstrung with that crappy minority government in 2010.

As a party of dissent their best chance for rebuilding well is from opposition under a sensible, mature leader. I'd choose Albo or Crean.

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