Monday, September 2, 2013

Linda Ronstadt: Anything but pitiful.

The beautiful lady won't sing again. Parkinson's. She can talk, but can't get a song out. I've spoken about her before, when I reviewed the brilliant Stones song - "Tumbling Dice".

I loved this, too, in 1977. A slightly off theme, a lady reflecting on her life in the last few minutes before she takes it. But eerily gutsy.

And in 1996 where she did it for Bill and Hillary at the White House. She was still doing it well.

Linda Ronstadt came out of the US country rock scene of the 1960s and was Pink! to me.

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  1. Is it narcissism to read your own posts with glee? probs. I watched those two vids all through and they just lifted me. What a brilliant lady.