Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why no water restrictions now?

About five years ago there existed a moral panic in SA. If you chose to have a garden or water your lawn you were a pariah. There were all sorts of complex water rationing processes for Adelaide residents, despite metropolitan Adelaide only using 4% of the state's water and paying more than twice the price that the irrigators pay.

I have no baggage on that; my water is transported, treated and continuously available.

But back when the moral panic was on, I was even then bored with it. It made good economic sense that we suburbanites used plenty of water - at least to the government. So I ignored the crap.

I have a smirking satisfaction that now when the government has gone quiet on water use in the city (they really need to repay that desal plant) my life has gone to a stage where I don't care so much about my garden. And last quarter's bill was a record low. Contrary aren't I?

Still on a 46 degree day I have been out this morning helping my garden get ahead of the heat. I don't want it to die completely.

But I do wonder where all the hand wringers are, about "sensible, sustainable watering". Funding must've been cut for it.

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