Monday, February 3, 2014

A new course to teach: Advanced Wine Marketing

My PhD supervisor - one of them - is a professor of wine marketing. The first academic paper I wrote was in 2002 for what is now the "Academy of Wine Business Research" and have never been too far from it.

I did wine choice surveys in 2008, and customer satisfaction surveys for a wine festival in 2008/9/10. I spent a year or so doing some shelf experiments for a colleague around 2010, but that came and went. I've recently collected, analysed and reanalysed some data for a different colleague's funded research into wine supply chain decision making, and we're both chief investigators on a GWRDC funded grant into the practical use of Facebook and other social media for wineries that has run for two of its three years.

I've taught almost every marketing course there is, from Consumer Behaviour through Market Research to Marketing Communications and Brand Management. I'm delighted to have now been asked to develop and deliver a course in Advanced Wine Marketing. Bring it.

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