Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Good Service" is sometimes as simple as "doing what you say you will"

I've been thinking about the marketing of services a bit lately.

Strangely, almost all products have a substantial services component. Sometimes it's really obvious - like when a punter calls the RAA from the road (without a membership) and realising the extra work involved, the call centre person mutters "I knew I shouldn't have taken this call, I was due to knock off at 4".

Or when a resident call SA Power Networks with a question they'd researched very closely, and getting clearly incorrect advice ask for someone further up. After they tried to shout me down I was begrudgingly told to email customer relations, who gave me this response a day later:

"I would presume SA Power Networks would be responsible for maintaining clearance around them. Customers are generally only required to maintain clearance around the ‘private supply line’ within the bounds of their property."

Independently a tree clearing team advised me three week later that they were to clear my lines, soon.

They're all very obvious service problems. But I'm the most impressed with Domino's Pizza. Simply in that they "Say what they're gonna do, and they do what they say they're gonna do". Hence the fact that I have ordered on their (easy to use) website about a dozen times, and always been able to rely on their "Live Pizza Tracker"

Every time I've turned up for a pickup I've walk past ten people who simply turned up and ordered. The pizzas have always been sitting there, waiting for me. Great service.

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