Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Honesty: Slipper and Thomson reinforced it for me

Perhaps I'm a slow learner. But this dishonesty thing really seems to be a shit deal.

I recall when I stayed at a motel in Ballarat twenty five years ago. We had left before anyone woke up and had checked out (paid) the night before. In wonderment I'd told a friend that it's amazing - we could have skipped out without paying. And this friend was laughing as he brought me to reality:

"Sure, or you could have gone in there with a gun and asked them to empty the till"

So a long time ago I'd got the message that just because you can get away with a thing doesn't mean it's right to.

Another challenge is the nature of games we play in convincing ourselves that we're OK. You work an 18 hour shift in hospitality, paid for eight, and then take a bottle of wine as you leave at 4am. OK, right? No, not OK. The old "two wrongs not making a right". Just two lawbreakers.

I see two downsides to getting away with sneaky stuff, even if you can justify it to yourself:

1/ You cheapen yourself
2/ You can never not have done it.

I see two pollies who wish they could go back in time and not have charged hookers to their company credit card, or not have taken personal tours of the winery district on company Cabcharge cards. I know this is a purely rational reasoning and makes me seem Machiavellian. But regret lives with you forever and the time to go back and fix it is now, for all those potential regrets in the future.

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