Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unfriended: It's not always personal

Let's not take the word "friend" too literally. I have 530 people on FB. Unfriending is not always a personal thing. Even when it is, it's often no big deal.

In the same way I will delete a comment of my own if the stream that follows degenerates into a flame war. I won't delete individual comments - that's not fair - but I will delete the post if it gets a little trolly. If you want a soapbox then start a blog, don't hijack other people's walls.

Similarly if I'm seeing lots of posts from people I hardly know making comments I consider dopey, or forcing issues I'm not interested in, I'll probably defriend that person. It won't be a late night "they make me so angry" action more like a cocktail party "sidling away". If I'm at a social function and have had enough of the conversation I'll discreetly drift away. That's what I'm trying to do on FB.

Back to defriending. I can recall at least two - Portia Morgan (Roy Morgan Research) and Michael Strickland (Skydiving). I think my streams were irrelevant to them at the time, and Cullen got culled. No biggie, I've seen Stricko a half dozen times recently and the point didn't even come up.

So, if you all of a sudden see me on the "people you may know" list and think "the bastard" don't worry. I probably don't feel that way about you.

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