Saturday, March 15, 2014

On fear

I've had cause recently to think about fear. I've worked in three sectors over the last 20 years

1 - Works in a slightly risky business but takes all reasonable precautions to manage their exposure
2 - Works in a "safe as houses" industry but is so tied up in their admin stuff that a peeling piece of carpet is a "down tools" situation.
3 - Works in a crazy risky business where every transaction (up to twelve an hour) could wind you up in court for the next three years and scare all of your customers away.

You better managers are in the high risk industry. The worst, by far are in the low risk industry and tend to inflate their perception of the small risk they do have beyond all reality.

So I reflect on the subject of fear and think of the these two quotes; the first from an anonymous source and the second from a friend's tattoo.

1 - Fear is temporary - regret is forever
2 - The flipside of fear is freedom

That's it. You are are never truly free until you have managed your fear.

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