Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wireless Broadband - Thankyou

One of the places I do some work for provides a web connection. The restrictions are few, which is a favour. That favour is measurable to me at the price of about .02 cents per megabyte.

I'm told that due to their own internal processes,  one of my "higher ups" sees a bill for about 3 cents a megabyte.  Sometimes I have been sent mildly cranky emails. Whilst the boss sees the irony of the situation, their tone is certainly more than one of .02 cent irritation.

No matter that most of the work I do is pretty bandwidth hungry - online teaching, broadcast lecture videos, live video content, distribution by dropbox. I'll just make it that when I want to listen to the radio or watch iView whenever I'm there I'll use Telstra mobile broadband.  Even the price gouging Telstra charges me only a third of what some businesses do with their internal transfer pricing.

The biggest message - I think - is that middle managers have to deal with a lot of bullshit.

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