Friday, April 11, 2014

A small thing as the last straw

I have an ex student, I'd call him a friend, who runs a home delivery grocery business. The prices are higher but there's something nice about having a few staples turn up on the doorstep each Thursday.
They have a limited range and I'm often struggling to find something I need so I can keep the order going, but I kept it up for my friend. But it's just gonna have to end. For nothing much at all.

Last week my Thursday order didn't turn up. Their mistake, they delivered the next day after the new driver had probably delivered to the wrong place. But the most annoying thing - I have two front doors and for some reason they have delivered to alternate ones each week. No big deal but as I like to return their coolie bags, I haven't managed to leave for their quirky driver at the correct door for about four weeks now. I already have too much crap in the house and too many things to think about. The last thing I need is to try to work out which fucking door the delivery driver will come to each week.

I'll cancel all orders for the foreseeable future as soon as I get around to it.

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  1. Bad customer service = loss of customer.